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Why The Beekeeper's Bookshop?

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From Proprietor Pauline:

It started with women whining and wine-ing.


I am a member of The Zonta Club of Olean, part of Zonta International. The club is committed to building a better world for women and girls and is dedicated to community action and involvement.


At one of our monthly meetings, we were discussing what was missing from our downtown. So much revitalization was happening and we wanted it to continue. Selfishly, we wanted it to meet our needs. Someone mentioned a wine bar (YES!). I mentioned a bookstore. That got everyone’s attention and then the conversation was, “Where are you going to put it?” “Will you sell used books?” “When can you open?”

At each meeting we hold a 50/50 raffle. I participate and never win. I announced that if I won that 50/50, it would be my initial investment in the bookstore.


I won.

I like to read. I also like to write. I just published my own book - my first - titled Fake News, Witch Hunts & Conspiracy Theories, An Infodemiologist's Guide to the Truth.


I think it is every author's dream to own a book store.


I think it is every professed reader's dream to own a book store.


To be able to read and write for a living? Sublime! Dreamy! Ideal!


To share that passion with others? Sublime! Dreamy! Ideal!


Join me.

What to expect when The Beekeeper's Bookshop is open in its physical location:


I plan to host all sorts of book clubs. Choose your genre and interact with others at the bookshop or virtually.

I also plan to have clubs to satisfy other interests like tea, coffee, tarot, games, and puzzles. 

Join our loyalty program and get extra perks. 

As always, requests will be taken.


I am a professor which means education is important to me. Look for classes on any number of topics. Think you should give a class? Reach out!


The last Saturday is April is National Independent Bookstore Day. 

May 20 is National Bee Day.

The first week in April is National Banned Book Week.

You see where I am going with this.

Look for discounts and special events.

Tarot Thursday (and/or Tuesday)

Wonder what your future holds? Good news - I read Tarot Cards. (Please keep in mind that it is for entertainment purposes only.) Interested in learning how to read Tarot Cards? I can sell a deck and teach you how to use them.

Games and Puzzles

When the weather is nice, play outside on the patio. When the weather is not, sit inside by the fireplace.

I will host game and puzzle nights.

Events and Readings

I will host author events and will start with myself! When the physical location opens, look for me to sign copies of my book and talk about it!

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