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What else can you buy?

The Beekeeper's Bookshop isn't just books. We support local brands and products. Check back often for new products and partners. Also, look for book and reading-related items and branded merchandise. They're coming!

If you are going to purchase a book online, may I suggest you support a local bookshop. If you click on the logo above, you will be directed to The Beekeeper's Bookshop webpage. You may order as you would any other online outlet and your order will be shipped to you. The Beekeeper's Bookshop does get a percentage of your sale. 

Thank you for supporting local!

Wild Mountain Botanicals logo cmyk mod.jpg

Wild Mountain Botanicals is an all natural body care company. All products are crafted by Pauline - owner of The Beekeeper's Bookshop. In fact, any products containing honey and wax would be from her own hives.

Click the logo to shop.

big ev woodworking.png

Full disclosure: Ev's Woodworking is Pauline's brother. Look for his pieces in the shop when it opens. In the meantime, click the logo to view products.

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